Radiant Path, Mandala series, 2012 Prismacolor pencil on black paper

"Blessed by the Light" mandala series, 2011 Prismacolor pencil on black paper

Beautiful to your Eyes, 2013 - Mandala Series

Growing into the Sun, 2011 (Mandala Series)

Rain of Tears, 2010 - Mandala Series

Sorrows and Joys of the Journey, 2013 - Mandala Series

Sky Above, Sky Below, Sky Beyond, 2012 - Mandala Series

River City at Night, 2012 - Mandala Series

Screaming for Help, 2010 0 Mandala Series

Vertical River of Joy, 2009 - Mandala Series

You, Me and the River of Life, 2009 - Mandala Series

Blue Eyed Red Flower, 2010 - Mandala Series

A Drop of Love in the Green Ocean of Tears, 2007 - Mandala Series

Pushing the Edge, 2008 - Mandala Series

Guradian Angel Dropping, 2008 - Mandala Series

Four Circles of Life, 2008 - Mandala Series

Field of Hands, 2008 - Mandala Series

Eye of the Human Hurricane, 2008 - Mandala Series

Crossing Barriers of Misunderstanding, 2008 - Mandala Series

Between Spirit and Science, 2009 - Mandala Series

Walking Softly on this Earth, 2010 - Mandala Series

Imperfections of Life, 2010 - Mandala Series

Dancing of the Cactus Tree, 2012 - Mandala Series

Nora, 6 yrs old inside a mandala, photo by Max Soler, photographer, 1958

"MANDALA" means " magic circle". 

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12.10 | 00:13

Hi Jack. I just saw this comment!!! Thank you so much. ❤️🙏

12.10 | 00:12

Hi Mary Jane. Please text me at (804) 677-3199. What's your email? I'll send u info about artshow
Classes: i only teach on Mo & Tue. Until when are u staying? N

11.10 | 22:16

Dear Nora, I am coming to Richmond next week -- Oct. 19. I would love to take a you class with you and also to see your art work at the bank. Is this possible?

02.08 | 19:11

Nora you are incredible and an inspiration to all of us.

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