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Written by Kosmetolog on Nov. 1, 2018
Nice Site
Written by Mary on Oct. 10, 2017
Hi Nora ~ What a delight to journey into your Webpage ~ Your expressions are lovely ~ And, so much variety ~ Your wood pieces are fun and unique - they drew me in and sparked my curiosity and imagination. Congratulations!
Written by Kathy on Jul. 26, 2017
Nora - this website is an inspiration. So thoughtful and beautiful. Your creative spirit just keeps on giving beauty and peace.
Written by Kim on Apr. 23, 2013
I never knew you did photography too! The photos are beautiful, the sunset was breathtaking, the birds peaceful, the branches on the water graceful!
Written by Paul on Apr. 21, 2013
Enjoyed your beautiful art and photography!! And your website is designed nicely, and user-friendly.

Written by Gigi on Apr. 20, 2013
What beautiful art. It is calming, peaceful, and projects a beautiful spirit.

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12.10 | 00:13

Hi Jack. I just saw this comment!!! Thank you so much. ❤️🙏

12.10 | 00:12

Hi Mary Jane. Please text me at (804) 677-3199. What's your email? I'll send u info about artshow
Classes: i only teach on Mo & Tue. Until when are u staying? N

11.10 | 22:16

Dear Nora, I am coming to Richmond next week -- Oct. 19. I would love to take a you class with you and also to see your art work at the bank. Is this possible?

02.08 | 19:11

Nora you are incredible and an inspiration to all of us.

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